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Generate videos with image and video slides


Make hundreds unique copies from one video


Add human like voice generated from text


Transform articles to videos with voice over


Generate 10 minute HD video in less than 10 seconds

We all know that if you want to do video marketing, MASS is the keyword. Creating videos with the traditional softwares is not only inefficient, but also hard and slow.

Here is where Video Spin Blaster comes in. The soul purpose of this Mass Video Creator is to generate videos on the fly, on the push of a mouse button. All you need to do is download some images and you are good to go.

Video Spin Blaster was designed to be very easy to use. By modifing a few options you can start generating tons of videos in seconds!

Take a look at this video samples created with Video Spin Blaster PRO:

Ice Bucket Video

Promoting Offline Business

NOTE: The voice from the videos is automaticaly generated with our revolutionary Text-To-Speech engine!

You can use Video Spin Blaster for:


Stunning Image and Video SlideShows


Product Promotion Videos


Affiliate Review Videos


Amazon Product Review Videos


Spin one video file into 1000 unique videos.


Mass watermark videos.


Human like Text-To-Speech


Generate videos with image and video slides

Export videos as PPT slideshows

Make hundreds unique copies from one video


Transform articles to videos with voice over

Add human like voice generated from text

Generate 10 minute HD video in less than 10 seconds

About Quality…

Check out this video created with Video Spin Blaster PRO!

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Take a look at the following testimonials:

BeenThereDoneThat (user on

I added this tool to my arsenal, it seems to work as advertised. Adding the watermark to the videos was an hour job the first time with GIMP (free software). But after I learned how and saved it as a template future watermarks should be a 2 minute snap.
Making 50 videos took all of about 2 minutes to produce, an incredible time savings over Camtasia 7 (about 6 hours!!). […] I think this software might save me a week of work!! Can’t beat the price for the time saved!! Also, it seems to save the videos in a much smaller file than Camtasia, if your hard drive is as full as mine that’s a plus.Stef The WSO comes with some great pre-made call to action banners that would be great to have at the end of your video. However, there is only the option to have a set introduction image but not a set final image. That would be a great addition and not too difficult to add

BlackRat (VIP user on

It makes video creation really easy and the videos are created in 2-3 seconds. The size of the videos is soooo less that those vids absolutel takes no time to upload.
Great for mass creation of videos!
Highly recommended for anyone who wants to start video marketing, a very good software. Recommened to all those who aren’t making any money yet!
Thanks Sodevrom!!

antsaoo (user on

Lool This is completely Robbery at the price. Just Gave the it run. You can also make computer bot voice in video. Creating 640x360 clipshows little less than 3 minth length takes 1 sec per file. And file size is 450kt only . Hell i have made same kinds with Movie maker and they are 10mb. All i can say SUPER sweet.

ranzuken (admin on

This is one of my favorite tools at this moment and for $7, it’s an absolute steal.
You guys should jump in on this before the price goes up! Vlad has created an awesome QUICK software for creating videos on the fly.
Never seen a tool like this, and I would highly recommend this 11/10.

cookiejar (user on

Video is the future. Most people would rather watch a video before they read an eBook. Even if the video was of the eBook. Youtube is the third ranked website on the internet. And the difference between them and the other 9 sites in the top ten is that their primary content is VIDEO. A quick Snapshot from Alexa shows you that the site is accessed across the world.
People are not on youtube to read articles, their watching videos of their interest and clicking out to websites. Even if you’ve never experimented with video marketing, video spin blaster makes it so simple that you should be ashamed if your not. No excuses.
The options are limitless, spin various templates upload and the reap the benefits for years to come. This tool pawns any mass video creation spinner tool I’ve ever seen and the price makes it a must have, I highly recommend. The amount of traffic you could harbor from blasting out video’s, sky’s the limit.
I hope he pulls the plug on this soon because everyone doesn’t deserve to have a copy.

Video Spin Blaster is the best Video Creator software!

Maybe I'm subiective, but thousands of satisfied clients can't be wrong!


WoW it WORKS! (better & easier than advertised!)

1st let me say that before today, I’d NEVER created a single video! I’m a COMPLETE NEWBIE and definitely NOT a “techie” but WITH this software, I created 5 AWESOME videos in about 8 minutes! WoW!


Just purchased and tested your software. Not sure about the original version as I did not purchase that one but this one. This one, is a work of art. Definitely NBAY.COM approved.

Nile Vincent

Fast and Easy video production at it’s best…and I mean quick and easy!!! Vlad’s Video Spin Blaster Pro" is the software we’ve been dreaming about! Do you want to get those videos up on YouTube or any of the other video distributing sites?…and have your images, audios and anything else relating to your production spreading viral in a matter of minutes…? This can be doneand thousands of variations with no technical issues


Vlad is one of the few developers that has been around the block and fully supports his customers.. very few people that I just say take my money when he launches something

Kal B

Honestly, I did purchase software with similar quality and complexity before but I have never seen these three things in one bundle: 1, Quality software built on a great platform 2, Premium support, pretty much with your own developer 3, Such a low price point. Under $50 ??!!??


Just purchased. This is a masterpiece software at a very good price too. I love the quickness of speed with which it functions and thanks a lot for making this a WSO and a complete package all by itself.

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